IHAEC Workshops 2014

• Workshop # 18: Organizing an event/exhibition (April 1st – June 30th )
• Workshop # 19: Developing & sharing our social media (July 1st – September 30th)
• Workshop # 20: Preparing and promoting "India against AIDS" and World AIDS Day events (October 1st – December 19th)

Student Volunteer Profile:

• 18 to 25 years of age
• High school graduate
• Engaged in creative projects with an organisation in home country, preferably in the theme of safe sex, HIV/AIDS prevention, equal rights for gay, lesbian and transgender, healthful living or equivalent.


• Interest or experience working in social/educational programs
• Interest or experience working in creative enterprises/media/fashion/internet innovation
• Interest or experience in project development and planning, event planning, media outreach
• Computer skills (Mac is a +), Office Suite and internet applications, Photoshop, I-movie are a +
• English fluency required, knowledge of French and/or Dutch is an asset

Personal attributes:

• Creative, curious and open-minded
• Up-to-date and passionate about social activism, media and the global health situation
• Enthusiastic and confident
• Willing to work and live in a tolerant multi-cultural community environment
• Organized and professional attitude
• Capable of good priority management with multiple projects and responsibilities
• Team player, responsible

Responsibilities :

• Serve as ambassadors for AIDS awareness and DAA action, promoting health and social change on a local and international level
• Regular evaluation of their own and their colleagues‘ project management
• Willingness to accept priority changes in a fast paced environment
• Active participation in providing brains, manpower, skills and a cheerful, tolerant and creative attitude regarding the team, the cause and the locale
• Updating the DAA/IHAEC website and blogs
• Assist with media, DAA sightings, cultural events and breakthroughs, political collaborations,...etc
• Communication of important information with their sponsors or home-country collaborators
• Demonstrating the progress of the projects and the impact they have on the social networking community
• Creating a personal journal to use as a guide to their work at home
• Facilitate hand-over of current projects to incoming students

Financial Commitment:

As DAA / IHAEC is a non-profit organisation, we rely on sponsors and contributions to make ends meet. The IHAEC is run on a limited budget. For this reason, student volunteers are expected to make a modest financial commitment prior to their stay. Deposits are to be credited on account:

bank account BWI/DAA: iban BE31 0014 3173 5255 (Beauty without Irony)
BNP Paribas Fortis Bank, Agency Bredabaan 586, 2170 Merksem, Belgium
Swift Code: GEBABEBB

Furthermore, students are expected to fund their own transportation to and from the center from their home countries. Local transportation in function of student projects will be funded by the Center.

These deposits go in part to pay for the student’s own food and utilities and in part to fund some of the projects and activities during the sessions, as well as to cover any unforeseen expenses or damages. The deposits are non-refundable.

Students will be given room and board in the IHAEC including shared bedroom, bath and three meals per day. Meals will be prepared together.

Other miscellaneous expenses during the stay such as clothing, gifts, entertainment etc. are the responsibility of the student volunteers and will not be covered by the center.

Donation by region: (depending on host organisation)

Western Europe: € 1000,-
Eastern Europe, Russia: € 500,-
Middle East, Asia, India: € 250,-
United States, Canada: € 1000,-
Africa and South America: Travel only
Student volunteers coming to the Center as part of EVS (European Volunteer Service) are exempt from donation.

House Rules:

The IHEAC is an open minded, creative and alternative environment. We provide a comfortable and inspiring environment that allows each student volunteer to learn and grow. Upon your check in at the center, you will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you understand and will follow the house rules. download attached pdf for a copy.

Student volunteers staying at the Center do so in a communal arrangement. There are common kitchen, dining and living areas and shared bedroom and bathrooms. As a student volunteer, you may likely share the Center (or even a bedroom!) with someone of another culture, background or religious affiliation. Your agreement to these rules simply means that you agree to be a good ‘citizen‘ of the IHEAC and a compassionate and considerate participant to the colleague student volunteers as well as to IHAEC staff.

IHAEC staff will make every reasonable effort to maintain harmony within the group. If, however, a student volunteer can not or is not willing to make compromises necessary when a group of people share a living space, or if a student volunteer repeatedly and intentionally causes conflicts and tensions, he/she may be asked to prematurely leave the IHEAC and return to their home country (on their own cost). Such a sanction will only be implemented after two documented warnings and in agreement with the IHAEC Program Manager and IHAEC Director Ninette Murk.


• Click continue below to complete the online application
• You will receive a confirmation of your application within 5 working days.
• If you a viewed as a viable candidate, you will be contacted by one of our staff.
• Once you have been contacted, you will be sent an information package via email detailing the upcoming projects in the Center, house rules and the information you need to make your deposit.
• Once your deposit is paid in full, your placement in the session of your choice is guaranteed.

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